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Our Team

Who we are

Cuddly Bee Learning was started by two educators with psychology backgrounds who are passionate about helping children and hoping to promote inclusive education. We mainly train in five major areas of development, including social skills, academic skills, verbal behavior, play skills, and self-management skills.

We specialize in: Behavioural training; Independent living skills; Toilet training; Mealtime support; ABA therapy; Play therapy; Emotional regulation/control & Art therapy. 


We also cooperate with a team of professionals including Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, Social workers, Counsellors, Qualified Kindergarten Teacher & Native English speakers to provide all-rounded support for the child.

Cuddly Bee Learning 由兩位具有心理學背景的教育工作者發起,他們熱衷於幫助兒童並希望促進融洽教育。 我們主要在五個主要發展領域進行培訓,包括社交技能、學術技能、語言行為、遊戲技能和自我管理技能。



我們專注於:行為培訓; 獨立生活技能; 如廁訓練; 進食訓練; ABA療法; 遊戲治療; 情緒調節/控制及藝術治療。


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Our Story

Why Us ? 

As a member of the younger generation, we are passionate in creating a more diverse learning environment for the children. From past experience of working in different sectors with children in different countries , we found that the services provided in the market are mostly inclined to a particular way of teaching. After working with children for the 10 years, we realised that all children are different and they learn best through different approaches. Through incorporating and embedding different ways of programs together, we aim to provide an inclusive learning environment that is personalised and targeted at their own needs.

Meet The Team

Boy Face

Deanna Chan

Program Director 
Senior Behavioural Therapist

Play Therapist 

Boy Face

Emily Ng


Educational Consultant

Play Therapist 

Special Child Care Worker (SCCW)
Qualified Kindergarten Teacher (QKT)  
Child Care Supervisor ( CCS) 
Child Care Worker (CCW)

Boy Face

Chris Jean- Richard -Dit Bressel

STEM Program Specialist

Boy Face

Tiffany Chiu

BEd, MSocSc(Psy)

Education Development Director 
Behavioural Therapist (RBT) / Play Therapist 

Queensland Register of Teachers 
Child Care Supervisor ( CCS) 
Child Care Worker (CCW)


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Fiona Yim 

Occupational Therapist  

Boy Face

Leane Chan

Speech Therapist 

Boy Face

Sang Lei

Social- Worker 

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