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Child Doing Art Activity

Our Services

We target all children with behaviour difficulties, aiming to assure an equal learning opportunity for them. In today’s society, our service might be more popular amongst SEN children, whom we believe extra attention should be given, including the following disorders/problems : Autism Spectrum disorder; Asperger syndrome ; ADHD ; Speech delay ; Separation anxiety & Emotional control.

We believe in the importance of parent training ; therefore , we host regular talks to communicate and communicate and suggest ways for parents to solve children's behaviour at home. 


We also design and create learning materials for Home use. 

Alphabet Cubes

One-on-one Behavioural Training

Mainly ABA therapy for SEN children

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a well-developed, research-based, scientific discipline among the helping professions that focuses on the analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation of social and other environmental modifications to produce meaningful changes in human behaviour.

  • Home Based / Centre Based

Emotional regulation Training

Emotional regulation encompasses both positive and negative feeling, along with how we can strengthen them, use them, and control them. 

Emotional regulation involved three components:

  • Initiating actions triggered by emotions

  • Inhibiting actions triggered by emotions

  • Modulating responses triggered by emotions


Shadow Teacher

Shadow teacher is to provide additional support, throughout the school day, academically and psychologically. The shadow teacher supports the student in many ways, including filling in the gaps that exist in the learning process, helping the student build self confidence, promoting interaction in the classroom, and ensuring the student stays focused in the classroom.

Play therapy

Play therapy is a form of treatment that helps children to express their emotions, improve their communication, and solve problems. Play therapy capitalizes on children's natural ability to express their feelings and resolve conflicts through play.

Social Group

Social groups are guided by professionals who teaches the children how to interact appropriately with others.  They can aid in the development of conversational, friendship, and problem-solving abilities in children. They can also help children learn to control their emotions and understand the perspectives of others.

Small-group extra-curricular classes

Including Messy play, Cooking Class, Art Jamming & Music Theme Activities. 

It Fosters Curiosity, Imagination and Exploration

What Our Clients Say

Educational Toys

Parent - Grace

My son was diagnosed with autism shortly after his first birthday. After that, he would get frustrated quickly and not willing to make any eye contact with us; it was just heartbreaking. Luckily, we found CB; after the one-on-one training over the past two months, it's clear our child's social skills have developed while under their training. Thank you for helping him to develop the skills and confidence. 

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